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In the late 1990s, the Tarimatec® R&D department created Plasticwood®, a PVC material with rice husk fibers.
This combination resulted in a product with excellent properties, natural finish, strong weather resistance and a long-life cycle.
This material makes it possible to manufacture a wide range of products.
One of the most successful product of the company is the outdoor deck. Tarimatec® products focus on technological innovation along with sustainability.
They thus represent a perfect harmony between nature and technology.
The raw material used by Tarimatec® consists of 50% recovered plant fibers (rice husks), which do not come from logging, but from the by-products of cereal crops, which has a positive impact on the environment.In addition, all components of Tarimatec® products are 100% recyclable.
Some of them are produced 100% from recycled materials, some even from seabeds.
This makes Tarimatec® products an ecologically sustainable alternative to the use of tropical wood, thus contributing to non-degradation of the environment.
Tarimatec®, in addition to always keeping in mind the sustainability of the planet, not only because of the recyclability of its products, but also by using recycled materials, is committed to energy efficiency by creating a series of products that contribute to the reduction of heat in urban areas (the heat island effect).
This, in return, offers an SRI above 80, thus favoring the possibility of obtaining a good score in LEED certification.
Tarimatec® products are low maintenance and available in 31 colors with the largest variety on the market.